Anguilla Tennis Academy Inc.

Damien Brookes

Professional Tennis Instructor

The newest member of the Anguilla Tennis Academy team is Damien Brookes.

Young Damien has eagerly participated in the 1999 summer camp, helping dozens of young people learn how to hold the tennis racket, stroke, and hit the tennis ball.

Damien with visiting coach Lindsay Spradley

Education: 1991-1996, Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School

Interests: Tennis, cycling, meeting people


1996-1997. Cap Juluca Hotel. West End, Anguilla.
Tennis Hitting Partner

1997 (4 months) Sonesta Hotel, Cove Road, Anguilla
Tennis Instructor

1997-1999. Malliouhana Hotel Long Bay, Anguilla
Tennis Hitting Partner

Other Accomplishments:


Self-employed - Tennis coach at Carimar, CoveCastles, Cerulian, and at the Anguilla Public Tennis Courts.

Seeking to pursue a Professional Tennis Instructor's Certificate Course (USPTA) in New York, November 1999.


Damien Brookes

Sandy Hill, Anguilla

Phone: 1-264-497-4314